Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Intelexi Technology Limited  is not responsible for any items subject to removal from a locker after expiration of your subscription.

Intelexi Technology Limited  is not responsible for damage or theft of items in lockers. To avoid this never share your combination with anybody.

Pre-existing damage to lockers must be reported within 7 days of initial rental.

Lockers fees are non-refundable.

Locks and lockers remain the property Intelexi Technology Limited.

Lockers must be cleared out at the end of subscription and locks left on the lockers..

All items left in lockers past subscription will be disposed of.

Any misuse of the locker will result in the termination of this agreement and the immediate forfeiture of the locker.


Locker Access:

Intelexi Technology Limited reserves the right to access lockers at its sole discretion. If there is a suspected security risk or there is an environmental concern such as pest control, odors or if maintenance is required.

Security has the right to enter a locker at any time should they suspect it contains items that put the college or university environment in danger. Any criminal activity will be reported to police.

The College and University are required to provide police with access in the event of a criminal investigation.

Locker Renewal Process

  • Students and faculty who do not renew their locker must empty their lockerof all items no later than five business days after the date listed on their locker rental receipt. After that date, intelexi technology limited will collect any items left inside, and change the locker combinations of any lockers that have not been renewed.


  • Students and faculty must renew their locker no later than 5 business days prior to the end of their rental period.Lockers can be renewed via the registration link.For more instructions,  contact support@intelexitech.com


  • Students and faculty must pay the renewal fee to renew their locker for the following year.
  • Students and faculty who renew their locker keep the same combination and maintain access to their locker through to the end of the following year.


Retrieving Items Left Inside Lockers
  • If you leave items in your locker after your rental period ends, you MUST come to the office in person with your ID to retrieve your items. Requests to retrievesaid items over the phone or without a ID is not acceptable.
  • For health reasons, students or staff cannot keep any clothing or food itemsleft inside un-renewed lockers at the end of the year and these items will be discarded immediately if found.


  • Intelexi Technology Limited will keep locker items in storage for a maximum of 10 daysbefore discarding the items. After the 10 day holding period, some items may be delivered to the school if they are estimated to be of high value (such as wallets or laptop). Once an item has been turned over to school, the owner should contact school to retrieve it.


Unauthorized Use of Lockers:

If you have taken possession of a locker without first renting it through intelexi technology limited, your lock will be cut and your items will be removed without notice. This allows the student who has properly registered and paid for the locker to take possession of it.  Once a locker has been cut, all contents will be put in storage for students to reclaim.  Proof of ownership must be shown to retrieve belongings.  Contents will be stored for only ten business days, after which they will be donated or thrown out. Intelexi technology limited is neither responsible for any items that go missing after their removal from a locker, nor for any items that are left unclaimed for more than ten business days.



Privacy Philosophy/Security:
Intelexi Technology Limited understands the importance of your privacy rights.  We are committed to transparency and disclosure of the ways in which we use personal information.  Our goal is to be as minimally intrusive as possible, but also to be transparent about the way we do use your information.

Your information will be used to create a personal profile information such as your email address, will be used to contact you in the event you need vacate your locker.

We will take all reasonable measures to protect the integrity of private communication on the site; however, even protected sites can be subject to illegal hacking, technological glitches, user misconduct, and administrative errors, and we assume no liability for any of these actions or occurrences or their results.


Operating the Combination Lock

  • lockers use a secure combination lock.Combinations will be given to students upon purchase of a locker, and the combinations for all unreserved lockers are changed every semester. To open your locker…
    1. Spin the combination lock a few times to the left and right to clear it.
    2. Spin the combination to the rightto your first number.
    3. Spin the combination to the leftand pass your first number before stopping on your second number.
    4. Spin the combination to the rightto your third number.
    5. Pull the lever toward youto open your locker.
  • If you forget your locker combination,you can log onto online platform and retrieve your combination on your mobile phone.